Clifton Self Catering

By booking a vacation in our Self Catering Holiday Apartments and Villas at the paradise of Clifton, there is no way that you will not notice the fresh air and pristine, clean beaches. Clifton features four well-known small beaches named 1st beach to 4th beach all known for white sands and clear water.

The portfolio we offer consists of fully furnished and luxurious self catering Villas, Apartments and Bungalows, some of them with the beach on your doorstep, while other apartments are elevated to ensure you get the finest views of the clear and endless ocean, as far as the eye can see.

The accommodation establishments that we feature are graded by the grading council of South Africa and have a 4 star status, promising you the highest standard of furniture, luxuries and service. Most of our bungalows, apartments and villas are child friendly while Clifton's beaches are awesome for kids.

Clifton is protected from the well-known "Cape Doctor", a summer south-easterly wind, while yachts, speed boats and jet skis are found sailing and playing in the bay. Some of South Africa's most expensive properties are found in Clifton as well as some of the best blue flag beaches in the world.

Latest Reviews

Just came back from holiday in Cape Town. Great assistance when needed and such a gorgeous apartment. Wish I could stay forever.

- Melissa Smith