Villa Accommodation in Clifton

Villa Accommodation in Clifton Cape Town

Have you ever entertained the idea of experiencing a holiday in a villa? What most people want when going on a vacation is a complete break from the usual rush and activity of everyday life. A villa out in Clifton can give you that. So now you're moving into another house, except it is much bigger, more spacious and absolutely more luxurious. Then you have all the privacy you could desire along with hypnotising views of the Atlantic Ocean.

What you will immediately appreciate from your villa in Clifton is all the privacy you find. While you enjoy all that privacy, it's understandable that you would want to check out what's in the area. After sampling all the restaurants, bars and cafés in and around the area, you get to return to the security of your own private parking. Just a few steps takes you into the house that you have all to yourself for your vacation stay.

Renting a villa in Clifton makes no sense if you did not visit the Clifton Beach that is such a short distance away. If you want to go further up and down the coast, there's also the nearby attractions of Sea Point and the Camps Bay strip. Just imagine feeling the hot sand under your feet, and then the startling yet welcome chill of the waters as the waves crash nearby.

What would a holiday be if you didn't check out the nightlife in the area? With all these restaurants nearby you get to enjoy a sumptuous meal with friends and family, stay until closing time, and with the short distance back to your accommodation, you don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbours as you get back to your villa in Clifton.

Booking a holiday should always mean signing up for luxurious accommodation and superb views. While that can be found in hotel rooms, lodges and apartments, a villa lets you have all that but in an entire free-standing house. It means that since you have sole access to this entire villa, you can catch breathtaking views from many angles of the house. There's an entire, lush house for you to explore on that first day you step into your holiday accommodation.

Having this exquisite villa in Clifton all to yourself, you could entertain as many guests as you want, listen to music without having to turn down the volume and enjoy a movie on the plasma screen without having to worry about disturbing fellow tenants. Since most villas feature a pool and a barbecue area, you will have exclusive access to them, ensuring you can swim or recline in the sun as long as you desire or spend the entire day with friends and family with a tasty meal while enjoying the awe-inspiring view.

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